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Short Course

A. Short Course on Cryocooler Technology: Advances and Application


Dr. Chao Wang
Director, R&D
Cryomech Inc. USA

Prof. M. D. Atrey
Mechanical Department
IIT, Bombay , India

 Course Outline
  • First Session
    The basics of cryogenics and cryocoolers. Classification, working principle of various cryocoolers and review of related thermodynamics. Theoretical aspects related to design of various cryocoolers.
  • Second Session
    Advances in cryocoolers, brief introduction of regenerative and some other types of cryocoolers :
    1. Development of large cooling capacity cryocoolers, such as Stirling, Pulse Tube and GM cryocoolers
    2. Development of space cryocoolers for lower temperatures (4-20K), compact size and better efficiency
    3. Development and commercialization of 4 K GM and pulse tube cryocoolers.
    4. Innovations of cryocoolers for better system efficiency
  • Third Session
    Application of cryocoolers :
    1. Cooling cryopumps
    2. Cooling detectors
    3. Cooling high temperature superconductors
    4. 4 K cryocoolers for cryogen-free systems (dry system)
    5. 4 K cryocoolers for recondensing or liquefying helium for liquid helium cooled systems


B. Short Course on HTS Materials for Power Application


Prof. V. Selvamanickam
M.D Anderson Chair Professor
University Of Houston
& Ex- Chief Technical Officer; Superpower Inc.

    Course Outline
  • Power Applications of Superconductors
  • Low temperature Superconductors
        Nb-Ti alloys
        A15 materials
  • High temperature Superconductors (HTS)
  • Overcoming challenges in critical currents of HTS
        Grain Boundaries
        Flux pinning and Flux creep
  • Methods to fabricate HTS wires
  • Current status in improvement of HTS wires for power applications