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Poster Presentation Guidelines

Presenters are requested to send the electronic version (only in PDF format) of their poster to secretariat@icec26-icmc2016.org latest by 5th March, 2016. It is also requested to name the poster file according to presentation ID (e.g if ID is 9-P2-99, the file name should be 9-P2-99. pdf). All posters may be uploaded to the ICEC26-ICMC2016 website. Presenter needs to bring the printed version of the poster for the corresponding session

For poster session, please take note of the following:

1. Each vertical poster board measures 3ft.width (right to left) X 4ft.height (top to bottom). It
    will fit poster of A0 ( 33.1 inch- width X 46.8 inch -height) size.

2. Each poster board has two sides ( front and back), but each poster will be assigned to one
     single side of the board.

3. Each poster will be allotted a unique ID. Each poster board will be assigned with
    corresponding poster ID. Presenters are requested to set up their posters only on the
    designated boards. Segmented posters will not be permitted.

4. Board pins will be provided by the Conference Organizer.

5. Poster presenters are expected to arrange their material before the session starts, and to
    be available during the poster session to answer questions and discuss their papers with
    attendees. You may want to bring pre-prints for handout.

6. Only papers that are presented may be considered for publication in IOP Conference
    Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). For posters, the word presented means
    that an author must be present at the poster during the entire session. Attendance will be
    taken by the session chairs, if an author cannot be located, the paper written from this
    poster will not be considered for publication.

7. Poster presenters need to set up the poster in the poster hall in well advance and they
    should remove the posters immediate after the session.

8. Nomenclature of Poster Id

9. If you need to withdraw your abstract from the program before the Conference, please
    contact Conference Secretariat (secretariat@icec26-icmc2016.org). Please mention the ID
    of the poster during correspondence.
   Poster session schedule will be uploaded shortly